BULLETIN #TTSB1/08/05/03



All new T&T pump units with bedplates will be shipped from the factory with the center feet bolts not fully tightened. Doing this should help resolve any possible mounting and alignment problems by making the service technician aware of the adjustable nature of the center feet. Proper procedures for mounting the pump bedplate to the mounting surface are discussed below.


When mounting a new pump unit or re-installing an existing unit always bolt the front and rear bedplate feet first, leaving the center feet to be adjusted and secured last (refer to Fig. 1). Adjust the center feet so that they are in contact with the mounting surface then tighten the bolts that secure the center feet to the bedplate. Last, bolt the center feet to the mounting surface (refer to Fig. 2). It should be noted that the pump skid is not a precision base and shims may need to be placed beneath the pump's bearing frame foot to bring the pump into alignment. This should only be done once the pump unit has been secured to the mounting surface.

Fig.1 Mounting Feet


mounting feet


Fig.2 Incorrect placement of the center adjustable feet can cause the bedplate to be drawn down in the middle when the mounting bolts are secured. This will result in alignment problems with the pump, motor, and the suction plumbing of the RO unit.



correct placement of adjustable feet

Fig. 3 -- Follow the instructions on the drawing below to preserve the warranty of your T&T Booster pump.





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