REFERENCE: Vented Oil Gauge (Sight Glass)

T&T Pump Co. is always striving to give our customers the best possible product available. In an effort to make operating a T&T pump as maintenance free as possible, we are making a change from the automatic oiler system to a more user-friendly vented oil gauge (sight glass). The vented oil gauge will allow the field service technician the capability to maintain a constant oil level without fear of over or under-filling the bearing frame with oil. The vented oil gauge (sight glass) will be pre-marked at the factory for the proper oil level (determined by the size bearings in the bearing frame) and shipped with all the parts necessary to replace the automatic oiler. All new T&T pumps will come pre-equipped with the vented oil gauge (sight glass).

The following outline, along with illustrations, will guide the field service technician through the steps necessary to replace the automatic oiler with the new vented oil gauge (sight glass). As always please feel free to contact your local T&T Pump Co. representative or the factory for any assistance that may be needed.


(Applies only to pumps equipped from the factory with the automatic oiler.)

  1. Remove the oil reservoir glass bottle from the automatic oiler base. The reservoir bottle will unscrew from the base of the oiler.
  2. Drain oil from bearing frame by removing the drain plug located at the base of the bearing frame. Temporarily replace the drain plug until step 6.
  3. Remove the automatic oiler base from the bearing frame by unscrewing it from the bearing frame.
  4. Replace the automatic oiler with a one inch pipe plug. Use Teflon tape on the pipe plug threads to prevent any possible leakage.
  5. Disregard this step for vented oil gauges that have a sight glass length of 2-1/2"; they do not require disassembly. Remove the sight tube and housing from the vented oil gauge base; this may be done by simply unscrewing the sight tube housing from the base. Do not discard the o-rings located inside the base and inside the cap
Sight Glass
  1. Wrap the threads with Teflon tape, at both ends of the nipple, to prevent possible leakage. Remove the drain plug (from step 2). Screw the 4" x 1/4" MNPT nipple into the oil gauge base and the other end into the drain plug hole.
  2. Make sure the base of the vented oil gauge is the in the upright position so that the sight tube will be plumb.
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not over tighten the sight glass housing; doing so may damage the internal glass tube. Screw the sight tube and housing back into the vented oil gauge base. Position the sight tube so that it is in a viewable position.
  4. To re-fill with oil, remove the vent cap located on top of the bearing frame. if the oil is being replaced, use only Mobil SHC® 627 or an exact equivalent. Place funnel into the hole and slowly add oil until the oil level reaches to be preset mark on the vented oil gauge sight glass tube.
  5. D Frame capacity: approx. 16 oz.

    E Frame capacity: approx. 12 oz.

    GE Frame capacity: approx. 12 oz.

    G Frame capacity: approx. 16 oz.
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