The use of an "anti-torque" bracket will become standard on all new pumps (75HP & up) shipped with bedplates.

The anti-torque bracket is designed to transfer the momentary torque created during start up of the pump to the RO frame. The RO frame creates a reaction force to counteract the torque (Fig. 1).

Fig 1

(view is from the rear of the pump)

Direction of torque at start-up

Direction of pump/motor rotation during start-up (and operation)

It is recommended that the anti-torque bracket be bolted to the RO frame.

Please be aware that the bedplate is designed to be used in conjunction with the RO frame to create a rigid unit and the each mounting pad on the bedplate must be securely fastened to the RO frame (please refer to service bulletin #TTSB1/012400 for proper procedures of mounting pump bedplate to the RO frame)

Figure 2 shows an example of the anti-torque bracket on two different size bedplates.

Fig. 2



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