It has come to the attention of T&T Pump Co. Inc. that the specified oil has not been used in some of our customers' pumps. In order to avoid possible pump failures, T&T would like to make our OEM's and end users aware of the specified oil.

T&T recommends that Mobil SHC® 627 or exact equivalent be used in all oil lubricated bearing frames. This specification can be found on a sticker located on the pump casing and in the H Series O&M manual.

Please contact T&T Pump with any questions regarding selection of an equivalent oil. T&T can help locate a Mobil distributor who carries the SHC® 627 oil specified by T&T. You can also purchase this oil directly from us.



You can contact us by phone at 304-366-1300 or by emailing our sales department.

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