(N)H76 Performance curves

H76C2 60Hz Performance Curve

H76C2 50Hz Performance Curve

H76C3 60Hz Performance Curve

H76C3 50Hz Performance Curve

H76C4 60Hz Performance Curve

H76C4 50Hz Performance Curve

NH76 Catalog Dimensions

NOTE: These Drawings are for Reference Only. Contact Factory for Certified Dimensional Drawings.

NH76 Catalog Dimensions

NH76K4F12 TO SS5512KA Comparison

NH76K4F12 TO SS5512KZB Comparison

NH76K4F24 TO SS8524KZE Comparison

NH76K3F25 TO SS5524KC Comparison

NH76T3F15 TO SS5516E Comparison

NH76T3F21 TO SS5522E Comparison

NH76T3F24 TO SS5524E Comparison

NH76T3F25 TO SS5524E Comparison

NH76T4F9 TO SS5512E Comparison

NH76T4F12 TO SS5516E Comparison

NH76T4F12 TO SS8512E Comparison

NH76T4F15 TO SS8516E Comparison

NH76T4F22 TO SS8522E Comparison

NH76 Exploded View and Part Lists

NH76C2-3 Exploded View

NH76C2-3 Parts List

NH76C4 Exploded View

NH76C4 Parts List

NH76K2-3 Exploded View

NH76K2-3 Parts List

NH76K4 Exploded View

NH76K4 Parts List

NH76T2-3 Exploded View

NH76T2-3 Parts List

NH76T4 Exploded View

NH76T4 Parts List


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