(N)H77 Performance curves

H77C85 60Hz Performance Curve

H77C85 50Hz Performance Curve (Contact Factory)

H77C150 60Hz Performance Curve

H77C150 50Hz Performance Curve

NH77 Catalog Dimensions

NOTE: These Drawings are for Reference Only. Contact Factory for Certified Dimensional Drawings.

NH77CD85 Catalog Dimensions

NH77CD150 Catalog Dimensions

NH77K150X13E30A to AS13514KZC Comparison

NH77T150X17 to AS13518E Catalog Comparison

NH77 Exploded View and Parts List

NH77C85 Exploded View

NH77C85 Parts List

NH77C150 Exploded View

NH77C150 Parts List

NH77D85 Exploded View

NH77D85 Parts List

NH77D150 Exploded View

NH77D150 Parts List


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