We can repair your pump!


Here at T&T Pump, we offer pump repair services to our pump models and to most other brands of water pumps. We will tear down a pump and submit an estimate within 48 hours of receipt and all at NO CHARGE! The RGT (Return Good Tag) form is a tool to help us determine a pump's operating specifications. It also offers information about shipping the pump to us.

Most repairs take less than 10 days including comprehensive testing and reporting.

Click to download the RGT form.


We manufacture and stock some of our most used pumps for "Service Exchange." When you need one of these pumps, we can ship immediately and will charge you for repairs to the pump you send in as an exchange. We still offer our best and worst case quotation prior to the transaction.

We are dedicated to working with our customers to insure they are being supplied all their pumping needs.

Here is an example of service exchange pumps we keep in stock:

an example of our service exchange pumps

Contact Cindy Stickles in Customer Service; cstickles@tandtpump.com
Greg Glover, head of sales; gglover@tandtpump.com


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You can contact us by phone at 304-366-1300 or by emailing our sales department.