Tonkaflo™ Drop-In Replacements

How our pumps compare to TonkaFlo®

Features   Ours   Theirs
Field Repairable   Yes   No
Drop-In Replacement   Yes   No
Threadless Plugin Shaft   Yes   No
Replacement Cartridge   Yes   No
No Casing Threads   Yes   No
Bearing Isolators   Yes   No
Polished SS Casing   Yes   No
One Piece Casing   Yes   No
Field Service Technician   Yes   No
Service Exchange   Yes   No
Quick In-house Repair   Yes   No

The T&T NH80T2F16 Drop-In for the Tonkaflo™ SS12516E


The T&T NH80K2F16 Drop-In for the TonkaFlo® SS12516KE

NH80K2F16 Drop-in

The T&T NH77T150X17 Drop-In for the Tonkaflo™ AS13518E


The T&T NH81K385X9 Drop-In for the Tonkaflo™ AS40409KTE


The T&T NH81K385X9E75A Drop-In for the Tonkaflo™ AS40409KTE




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